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Funky Bee

Cartoonish world of treasures, quests, castles and puzzles! Filled with mini-games and captivating characters, which an entire family can enjoy.

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Mama Mae & LeeLee

Classic storytelling experience for children and parents redefined, based on our unique framework for interactive books. The case study is being under approval by customer, so you will be redirected to the product site.

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Online mobile MMO about dragons. Player can enjoy beautiful locations and sophisticated level-up system, ability to craft items and infinite battles.

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Infinity Ring

Immersive open-world environment in which players are free to explore realistic 3D representation of sites around the globe and throughout time.

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“We could write a lengthy praise for Heyworks, but here is just a simple and short advice for you. Get Heyworks team hired before others do!” Vladimir Makarychev, Nival
“Whatever you ask Heyworks to do, they will find a way to accomplish it. They are experts, which helped us immensely on DragonIt project. Their ideas and improvements are invaluable and we definitely plan to continue working together” Sergey Trofimov, iFree Innovations