Why Unity

Develop it once, run it everywhere
Shadowgun #1 engine of choice for mobile games 10 global platforms Gorgeous graphics

“Author Once, Deploy Everywhere”

Unity plays equally brilliant on 10 global platforms: modern browsers, Android, iOS, Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Windows, Linux, Flash, and MacOs! Unity lets you target any gaming platform and makes it simple to keep your code working across manifold devices. Instead of spending your time and budget on independent development for each platform, Unity allows us to actually focus on making games.

iOS Android devices

Mobile Markets

Unity is the #1 engine of choice for mobile games and interactive content. With Unity you can extend reach and offer your application on popular mobile platforms, as Unity works seamlessly both on iOS and Android.

Furthermore, you can earn additional revenue with in-game ads platforms like AdMob. Unity allows delivering smooth frame rate and superb player experience across target platforms. You can create games with reliable performance and reduce graphics bottlenecks. Unity optimizes loading speed for Web and mobile games, so your players do not have to wait anymore.

Unbelievable Graphics

Unity allows you to amaze gamers with brilliant full-HD quality and visual effects. Unity squeezes every shader PS3, Xbox 360 or modern PCs can offer. You can easily market games on PC or Mac via Steam game platform.

Unity for various platforms