Amazing team

We are a workshop packed with talented developers and pixel lovers. Our team unites geeks, nerds, gamers, designers, and project managers.

Gazillion of man-power packed in code warriors level 40 and up, design elves with brushes upgraded to the max.

“Heyworks delivers amazing results. The art is gorgeous, the coding is clean, and the games are fun. They have never missed a deadline and communication is always clear and proactive. I recommend them without reservation.” Gavin Brown,
Scholastic Inc.
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Heyworks started in 2009, when our CEO Alex Yarmolik took a step into his own business life with several trustworthy friends. Gradually we became obsessed with Unity 3D technology and possibilities it brings. After our first project in Unity we decided to shift our perspective and focus on Unity powered projects.

It was the right choice for our team, as it appeared Unity was a hot pancake in OS fragmented world of mobile devices and platforms. We dug deeper and deeper and hit our treasure pot. Most of our projects right now are Unity based, and we have merged our non-Unity team members (smart guys, who are coding NASA-like algorithms) into game development.

Our dev center is located in Minsk, Belarus. As most of us are Gen Y's, we are comfortable working distantly. We love what we do, as it is our passion: most of Heyworks team members are avid gamers, who love playing Munchkin just as much as spend hours building empires in Civilization or for a quick DOTA match.


You might think we are just another outsourcing company. We prefer to call it nearsourcing.We are just several keystrokes or a call away from you, be it email, Skype or phone. Besides, how many time have you been to a bank since they've invented online banking? We have more pages that will tell you a lot more about us. Take a look at our Team and projects.However, we'd rather get to know what you are working on right now and how we can help.