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Funky Bee

Cartoonish world of treasures, quests, castles and puzzles! Filled with mini-games and captivating characters, which an entire family can enjoy.

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Mama Mae & LeeLee

Classic storytelling experience for children and parents redefined, based on our unique framework for interactive books. The case study is being under approval by customer, so you will be redirected to the product site.

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Online mobile MMO about dragons. Player can enjoy beautiful locations and sophisticated level-up system, ability to craft items and infinite battles.

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Infinity Ring

Immersive open-world environment in which players are free to explore realistic 3D representation of sites around the globe and throughout time.


“It’s like a cartoon you direct” Claus Thopolt

It is a fascinating story about a magical Funky Bee castle with its funny inhabitants, a terrible dragon with unkind plans and bears suspected in a series of mysterious magic outages. Her Royal Beeness, Queen Groovisma asks for your help. The threat grows and it is up to you to save Funky Bee before it is too late.

FunkyBee is a game for children, beautifully pictured and voiced. With more than 35 colorful locations, dozens of challenges, quests and mini-games.

40 funny characters will guide and entertain you during your journey. FunkyBee is packed with lots of fun for the entire family to enjoy.


Our goal during FunkyBee development was to make it a live cartoon for children, so they can walk around FunkyBee castle, talk with characters, solve puzzles and quests and enjoy mini-games.

Heyworks was responsible for the development of the iPad application and putting complex FunkyBee world together.


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Slot machines with lots of fun and surprises.

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Beechinko similar as Pachinko with classical game mechanics.

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Find, rotate and match all parts in one picture.

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Fascinating puzzle based on match-three.

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Memory game, find tiles with bouquet of roses.

Services and Tools

Heyworks carried out all front and back end development and QA services.

Topholt Consulting AS has been with Heyworks for three years. We value our clients and they stay with us for more than one project. Heyworks always aims at a long-term relationship with our clients.

“Professionalism and perfectionism in everything, be it design, development or doing business. It's rare when you can relax and watch the project evolve towards the finish line. Thank you, Heyworks!” Claus Topholt


  • 8Month
  • 3Developers
  • 1QA
  • 28Kcode lines
image description Infinity RingRestore our timeline in a realistic 3D setting image description Mama Mae & LeeLeeExperience interactive storytelling from Alicia Keys