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Funky Bee

Cartoonish world of treasures, quests, castles and puzzles! Filled with mini-games and captivating characters, which an entire family can enjoy.

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Mama Mae & LeeLee

Classic storytelling experience for children and parents redefined, based on our unique framework for interactive books. The case study is being under approval by customer, so you will be redirected to the product site.

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Online mobile MMO about dragons. Player can enjoy beautiful locations and sophisticated level-up system, ability to craft items and infinite battles.

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Infinity Ring

Immersive open-world environment in which players are free to explore realistic 3D representation of sites around the globe and throughout time.


Dragon It!
“Amazing online PvP about dragons” Sergey Trofimov

DragonIt is a social mobile game about dragons. It combines elements of Puzzle Quest, Match Three and Jewels, and allows players to compete in global turn-based strategy battles. Players can create new items and potions, loot armor and recipies and compete for the first place in a score ladder, which is updated every day.

The main character - the dragon, whose planet was captured by hostile invaders. Train your dragon and help him become stronger in order to rescue home planet.

DragonIt is a game that everyone will enjoy! 7 beautiful locations and sophisticated level-up system, ability to craft items and three types of battles!

Front end

As the game is supported by virtually every device on Android and iOS our main task was to make sure it runs smoothly on each and every of them. Our developers have introduced unique slicing of the UI, which adapts to any resolution and looks great on small screens and retina displays. Most of the assets were 2D elements and textures, which hog a lot of memory. We've optimized the resources to run on mobile devices, which was a real challenge!

Our 3D designers have created 3D models for dragons with custom textures. We also designed custom items and clothing for little dragons to make them look stylish.

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Back end

photon EXIT GAMES®

Heyworks have developed every part of the back end for Dragon It Online, carried out server setup and configuration. Our goal was to create a high load back end platform aimed at slow mobile Internet connection.

We have selected ExitGames Photon Server, as this product is stable and has a long proven history. As DragonIt was to be played on mobile devices and in order to keep the application responsive we've implemented data serialization for all client-server interactions. Our engineers used protobuf by Goolge, it allowed us to create our own data types and minimize data traffic.

Services and Tools

Heyworks carried out all front and back end development and QA services, 3D modeling. We've worked in collaboration with the client, brainstorming ideas and introducing new features that were included into the final version of the game.

Whatever you ask Heyworks to do, they will find a way to accomplish it. They are experts, which helped us immensely on DragonIt project. Their ideas and improvements are invaluable and we definitely plan to continue working together Sergey Trofimov


  • 9Month
  • 10КConcurrent pl. per server
  • 3Developers
  • 40Dragon outfits
image description Mama Mae & LeeLeeExperience interactive storytelling from Alicia Keys image description Infinity RingRestore our timeline in a realistic 3D setting